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So my dear husband surprised me today.  He said, “We should have a new rule.  After the kids go to bed, we should turn off our computers.  We can have a few minutes to finish things up, but then we should set a limit.  Otherwise we’re doing too much work, work, work!”

My first reaction was stress.  My mind raced.  If I didn’t answer emails, blog, write, and plan after the kids were in bed, when would I?

As if reading my mind, James said, “Work expands to the time allotted.  You find stuff to do but maybe it’s not that important to do.  We need to end our days in a more relaxing, therapeutic way.”

Hmmm…I thought about this today and realized my husband is right!  I should take my own advice about rejuvenation from my book!  We’re going to try it for one week and I’ll let you know if I get enough work done, and if I feel so refreshed that I’m more productive in the daytime.

Arlene Pellicane

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