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Need something to revive your spirit?  Get together with some girlfriends!  That’s what I did last week at a “Girlfriend Gathering” with my mentor, author Pam Farrel. Pam planned a wonderful women’s ministry event, and I was honored to speak alongside Pam, organizing pro Marcia Ramsland, authors Dawn Wilson and Renee Johnson, and Lisa who hosted the event at the San Diego Kroc Center/Salvation Army.

It was a great evening on “leaning on each other” and talking about how to energize our lives to step out in new adventures!  A great book to read is Pam Farrel’s Woman of Confidence:  Step into God’s Adventure for Your Life.  Do you feel like there are no adventures on the horizon?  Then this is a great book to fill you with hope and dreams for the future.  Or to help you get some clarity about the next steps you need to take towards your goals.

When you have something to strive for, youth and vitality return.  And it sure does help to have some girlfriends at your side for the journey.

Arlene Pellicane

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