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Well, what do you think?  Which cover would you pick up?

I hope your answer is the one on the right because that’s the one we’re going for!

The one on the left with the blueberries is the first cover.  Although the cover is attractive and I do like blueberries, my book doesn’t talk about blueberries.  It’s hard to get emotional about a small bucket of blueberries.  I think the updated cover from the fabulous design team at Harvest House conveys the message of the book much better.  Be happy.  Be young.  Walk through flowers when the opportunity presents itself.

31 Days to a  Younger You is available for pre-order now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, and everywhere else fine books are sold.  The book releases in January but you can pre-order it today at a discount (Amazon has it for 33% off).  You might even see the old cover still on the online retailer websites.  But you’ll know the updated look is coming.

Thanks for journeying with me!  It’s fun to give you the inside scoop.

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