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Noelle is almost 4 and she is learning to write her alphabet.  She didn’t exactly want to learn how to do this, so here is her incentive:  this super Princess set, complete with paints, pens, and 992 stickers!

Guess what?  She got it today!  She wrote from A-Z (and daddy could recognize the letters) and she finally won her Princess set.  It took about the whole month of October to reach this goal.

What goal do you have right now?  You’ve got your A-Z down pat, now what?  And what will your reward be?

When we have goals and rewards to look forward to, and a community to support us, we feel and look younger like my daughter Noelle!  BTW, if you look at the picture, the hair sticking out from behind the princess set is baby Lucy’s – LOL!


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