This past weekend, I had the pleasure of emceeing a day with former Channel 10 news anchor Carol LeBeau.  What a breath of fresh air she was to a room jam packed of women ready for change at San Diego First Assembly!

She was transparent about her poor health habits during all those years of TV news and the overcommitments she made along the way.  She gave some great advice about saying yes to things.  Before you say yes, ask yourself three questions:

1.  Why am I saying yes?  (to please others?…)

2.  Is this the best use of my time or am I just filling a slot?

3.  Will I shortchange other commitments by saying yes?

This was a wonderful and useful checklist.  So much so, I saw my friend put it right on her phone afterwards so she could consult this list before making any commitments.

Carol spoke in one session with her BFF Susan Haber (pictured above).  It was a great reminder of the power of friendship to boost our mood and our bodies.  Research overwhelmingly shows that those with meaningful relationships enjoy better health.  So when it comes to getting together with a best friend for fun, the answer can be yes!

Arlene Pellicane