We just finished 4 days of shooting with the TLC show “Home Made Simple.”  The show will air sometime in 2011, maybe March-ish (of course I’ll keep you posted).  I cannot divulge any juicy secrets about what is behind this door, but let me just say our family is over the moon about the home improvements they helped us make.

I can’t share any more pictures at this time to honor the networks wishes (no spoilers please!).  We had an amazing time with the 22 person crew.  Every nook and cranny of our house seemed to be used.  There were times when I looked for a spot to hang out by myself and couldn’t find one.

Outside in the backyard, the furniture projects were being built.  The garage was the control room with all the monitors, equipment, and of course snacks.  The kitchen was a set one day, the living room a set the next, my master bedroom was the makeup studio, and the kids rooms were the center of the redecorating efforts.  And I shared my desk space with the wonderful production manager.  So you can imagine, there were people EVERYWHERE for 4 days.  But this was entirely expected.  I would actually look forward to 7:00 am and the crews arrival.  The director told me this excitement would last until about Tuesday afternoon.  I was excited to have them here longer than that but by Thursday afternoon, I was ready to wrap.

And now I’m ready to wrap…myself in a warm blanket and catch some ZZZs!    Thank you everyone for your well wishes and prayers.  We were totally strengthened by God this week and had a great time.

Arlene Pellicane

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