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Isn’t it wonderful when you’re thumbing through your mail and you see a handwritten return address from a friend?  You open up the note and voila, it’s something personal.  It’s not a bill, advertisement, or catalog.  It’s something someone took the time to write and you were lucky enough to be the recepient.

Well, I received something lovely in the mail.  A handwritten personal note from my friend Edie.  When I read it, I felt instantly encouraged and warmly appreciated.  It was wonderful and made my day! (thanks Edie!)

Words are so important – too important to waste on needless criticism and harping.  Instead, why not look for ways to praise others?  It’s such a pleasure to receive a handwritten note – and a lost art in this age of texting, tweeting, and emailing.  I encourage you to make time in your busy schedule for a little writing time.  Why not send a note of thanks to someone you appreciate today?

Arlene Pellicane

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