Okay, being an author can be glamorous, but allow me to give the other side. 🙂

I had my first opportunity to sell my book at a San Diego Professional Women’s Fellowship Christmas luncheon and bazaar (PWF is great if you live in San Diego, check it out!).  The event started at 12:00 pm and I arrived around 11:00 am to set up my table.

I don’t own a luggage cart yet but believe me, after yesterday’s schlepping around and making multiple trips to my car which was parked far away, I will be putting that on the top of my Christmas list! I carried in my BIG, HEAVY box of books ready to sell.  By the time I got my things to the table, I had a good sweat going on.  I noticed all the other vendors were already done setting up which made me more nervous, which made me more sweaty.

I hurried to set up and then proceeded to wait.  There was no need to hurry after all.  I thoroughly enjoyed talking with the women and sharing my book.  The highlight was that my mentor Pam Farrel was also there and we could celebrate my first book table together!  Wahoo!

Then after the event, it was time to repack the boxes and make my way to my car.  And then do the trip again.  Sweating again.

So the next time you see an author with his or her books at a table, please stop by and say hi.  It makes all the schlepping worthwhile!!!

Arlene Pellicane

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