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Here’s Ariel at Disneyland with my daughter Noelle who was celebrating her 4th birthday.  Waiting in the long line was worth it when Ariel was so sweet and conversational with Noelle.

“Oh, what a nice hat.  May I try it on? asked Ariel.


Laughing, “Hmm, how does it look?”

It was really a sweet moment followed by this one.

I must admit I am enjoying this princess phase with Noelle.  She loves coloring princesses, dressing up, and reading books about princesses.  When we go back to fairy tale land – whether it’s going to Disneyland with a child or reading a book to a granddaughter or simply watching an old movie like Snow White – we’re transported to a different place.  We feel younger.  It’s never too late to enjoy a princess tale.  After all, we are daughters of the King!

Arlene Pellicane

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