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Airing today on Focus on the Family

What a joy today to be featured on one of my favorite radio programs Focus on the Family! Hosts Jim Daly and John Fuller do a stellar job making guests feel at home and bringing helpful information to families every day.  We are talking about the ideas in my bo […]


7 Non-Video Game Activities to Do With Your Family

This holiday season, many parents lament… How can I get my children to stop playing video games all day long? Here are 7 non-video game activities to do with your family.  They are things we have done and tested!  Spending extra time together over the holiday vacation period is a […]


Book Giveaway: Calm, Cool, and Connected

***This giveaway is closed.  Congratulations to Lisa L!*** When 6,000 kids were asked about their parents phone use, get ready for this… 54 percent of kids felt their parents checked this phones too often 36 percent said their parents’ worst habit was getting distracted by their phones in the midst […]


Podcast: Who Do You Say I Am with Becky Harling

Download the podcast on iTunes or listen here: The Christmas season can become a gift buying frenzy, a sweet treat avalanche, and party-packed calendar month.   But isn’t it really about a baby in a manger and what His appearance means to humanity?  On this month’s Happy Home Podcast, my friend Bible […]


Video: Can your high schooler survive without a phone?

Can a high schooler actually survive (not die) without a phone? Can yours? The main arguments go something like this: My child needs a phone to be safe. What if there is an emergency and he or she cannot reach me? My child needs a phone to be connected to […]


Video: Raising Givers, Not Takers

Does it ever feel like you are the one doing the giving, and everyone else in the family is doing the taking? Here are three tips from my bo 31 Days to Becoming a Happy Mom to teach your kids the joy of giving: (1) Teach them empathy for others […]


Video: 5 easy Thanksgiving projects

Here are 5 ideas to ste gratitude in our families – both on Thanksgiving and all year long! 5 Easy Thanksgiving Projects to Ste Gratitude Thanksgiving is coming…are your kids grateful people? Here are 5 ways you can help them practice gratitude, find on page 58 of my bo […]