Hope you had the chance to see our family on Home Made Simple this Saturday on TLC!   We were laughing and glued to the tube for sure!  Here’s a sample of our photo album when the crew of Home Made Simple came to our house in November! 

Here is Lucy’s last day in her nursery which will be transformed into Ethan’s new car themed room.  Little does she know…

Ooh and ahh…here come the Mavens down our street to change our home for the better! 

I wish James the make up artist extraordinaire could help me all the time! 

Cooking segments with Jamika were a lot of fun!  We made stir-fry chicken, prosciutto pizza, and turkey stuffed hamburgers.  She’s welcome in my house anyday! 

Poor James couldn’t stop squinting in the sun and found out that talking isn’t as easy as it looks.  He did great though!

My dear friend Leeana Tankersley helped Wanda Colon (the designer maven) make a steering wheel clock for Ethan.

Patrick Brown (the handyman/carpenter/can-do-anything maven) helped me make a stoplight cabinet. 

Here’s a peek at how Ethan’s bed is shaping up…

What you won’t see in the show was how cold it was outside that morning!

This picture was taken with designer Wanda Colon on the last day of the shoot after lunch.  If you drove by my house, you’d see about 30 people having lunch on my front lawn. 

Okay…here’s Ethan’s room before:

Four days of work later, here it is after:

Not bad for a first grader, eh?   Doing homework for the first time in his room.

We took this photo of the crew and had the crew sign it for Ethan to remember everyone who worked on his room.  Thank you to the amazing crew of Home Made Simple!!!  You rock!

Arlene Pellicane

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