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It’s almost time!  Our family will be on the TLC show “Home Made Simple” this Saturday, Feb 12 at 9 am. 

Our family is so excited.  We haven’t seen the show yet and we’re anxious to see the finished product.  I had to laugh because the episode is called “Start Your Engines Bedroom,” referring to the renovation of Ethan’s room from nursery to cars land. 

But doesn’t the “Start Your Engines Bedroom” sound funny, like I’m going to rev it up with my hubby! 

Just in time for Valentine’s Day. 

Hope you’ll be able to watch the show.  It’s really amazing what they did to Ethan’s room.  We’re just so touched by God that He set this all up for a 6 year old boy to get a free remodeled room featured on national television! 

Don’t get cable?  Yup.  We don’t either.  But we will be at family’s house watching on Saturday!!!

Arlene Pellicane

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