This morning I went to a fantastic moms group at Shadow Mountain Community Church.  The group is called “Moms Inc.” – incorporating moms of all ages.  I love that name! 

I went to encourage those ladies – to tell them they are beautiful and beloved by God.  And it turned out that I was the one so encouraged by them.  When your desire is to bless others, God blesses your socks off!

Most of the moms there had kids with similar ages as mine (1, 4, 6) so it was really fun talking shop (potty training, pacifiers, date night with hubby, etc).  I had the opportunity to pray with those ladies one on one which was very special. 

Plus I just attended an amazing leadership conference for women this weekend (“When Leaders Lead” with Calvary Chapel).  I’m still on the mountaintop from that one! 

I have seen over and over in the past 3 days that God is intimately involved with our lives.  The call at the weekend retreat was to rise up like the judge Deborah did in Judges 5:2.  When God calls you to do something, do it.  And as you step out in faith, God will direct you!

Arlene Pellicane

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