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Happy Easter from my home to yours!  Here’s sweet baby Lucy in her new Easter dress (thanks grandma!).  She looks rather serious, perhaps she was still thinking of how scary the Easter bunny was to her!

We started the day with a giant Easter egg hunt at our church – over 10,000 eggs!  In years past, I bought the kids a chocolate bunny.  But this year, I got smarter. 

No candy. 

After all, they came home with a bag of candy each from the Easter egg hunt.

This year, I got the Read and Share Bible DVD which is great choice for young children.  It won’t give them cavities or stomachaches.  Instead it’s packed with eternal value! 

Read and Share DVD Bible Box Set

We also broke from tradition because we decided to have a picnic lunch with family and friends instead of a Easter meal at home.  We’ve been busy (sprained ankle etc) so we decided to keep things simple.  What we didn’t count on was the rain! 

Thankfully, my cousin let us take over her tent!  Hope you and yours had a blessed Easter!

Arlene Pellicane