The highlight of my weekend was a wonderful brunch/workshop I attended on Saturday.  It was the San Diego ChristianWriters Guild Spring Fellowship Event.  I have enjoyed going to the guild’s fall writers conference at Maranatha Chapel but I’ve never attended the spring fellowship.

Meeting with this dynamic group of writers is always inspirational and this weekend was no exception.  I got to hear my dear friend and fellow mother/author Leeana Tankersley speak about the craft of writing.  Leeana and I used to have offices right next door to each other when we worked at Turning Point with David Jeremiah.  It’s extra special that – this many years later – we have both become mothers and authors.  Her book is Found Art which is an amazingly beautiful memoir about her first year of marriage on the foreign soil of Bahrain.  She married a Navy seal and talks freely about the transitions that come with marriage, letting go, and being in foreign territory.

Something Leeana said stuck with me.

“The process will yield something important.”

Writing is hard work, no matter what the finished product is.  But it is the process that yields something important.  That teaches us something about God.  About ourselves.  About our loved ones.

We got caught up in the destination but perhaps it is the road trip that is noteworthy.  So if you are feeling a bit impatient (Lord, why have I not crossed the finish line yet?), take heart.  The process is full of life lessons that will sweeten your journey today.

Arlene Pellicane

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