My family was hiking in San Diego.  I stepped down about two feet, my ankle twisted and before I knew it, I fell forward into this large dirt hole. 

I flipped over and looked into the big blue sky.  My legs were up on the dirt ledge and I couldn’t move my right foot. 

After getting help out of the hole, I hobbled back to the car.  My husband put a little dandelion in my pocket.  That helped.  A little bit.

He bought some ice at the grocery store on the way home.  We propped my foot up and went to urgent care.

Thank God nothing was broken!  “Just a bad sprain” which was such a relief to hear.  Can you imagine me trying to catch a subway in New York City with a cast and crutches? 

I’m so grateful for a sprain, but also frustrated with my current limitations.  The house is getting exceedingly messy as it’s so hard to pick things up and transport them to their proper places!  The upside is how helpful Ethan and Noelle have been to me.  The downside is trying to pick up Lucy when necessary.  I can pick her up now, but I can’t move.


A great big thank you to my parents who have helped tremendously with watching the kids (they are doing that right now!) and to my sweet James who has been my caregiver and physical therapist (Are you doing your stretches?  Time for ice again.  Three epsom salt foot baths a day).

Which reminds me…it’s time to soak my foot again!

Arlene Pellicane

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