We had a great Father’s Day yesterday at church and then with friends at a park.  Here’s the super daddy himself in all his glory.  Check out Ethan’s funny eyes…he thinks his sister is an alien! 

Here’s what the kids looked like last year on Father’s Day – it all goes so fast…

The change is most apparent in Lucy – no surprise there.  She is such a happy girl.  I was most surprised yesterday at the picnic as she walked up to people she had never met, asked for their food, cuddled up to them, sat in laps – it was amazing!  She made friends very easily! 

So if you need to make some new friends this summer, walk up to someone and:

  • Ask to try their food
  • Smile and cock your head to the side
  • Hug strangers

But you probably don’t want to sit in any laps!

Here’s Lucy in someone’s chair (right, not ours).  She’s lookin’ pretty comfy eh?

Three cheers for my sweet James who, as I wrote on my card, is the “alpha dog, french toast maker, piano teacher, Costco taker, fun maker, soccer player, rule enforcer, and super great father!” 

Arlene Pellicane

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