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We had a great time on the East Coast with James’ family.  The kids have conquered their fear of swimming and really enjoyed being in the pool.  Last year we had to persuade them to get in the pool, not this year!  

My kids LOVED being together with their older cousins.  Here we are in the Botannical Gardens in Norfolk, VA. 

One of the fondest memories was an unplanned splurge at Krispy Kreme.  We told the kids to keep it a secret – ha!  Not really of course, as it came out to the rest of the family pretty quickly what we had done!

Not exactly a healthy option, but oh so fun.  We figure if we just go once a year, donuts are just fine.  That’s why Noelle is so excited!  Forgive me for posting about donuts, hope they are not making you too hungry!

And finally, we celebrated mom and dad Pellicane’s 50th anniversary! 

Arlene Pellicane

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