I began reading Amish Values for Your Family while waiting for my minivan to get an oil change, which I suppose is ironic.  But I certainly did enjoy my wait time! 

I could relate to many of the values found in the book although I am not Amish.  I really enjoyed the many Amish proverbs in the book such as:

Pray for a good harvest but continue to hoe. 

A happy home is more than a roof over your head, it’s a foundation under your feet.

You can tell when you are on the right track.  It’s usually uphill.

The family that works together, grows together. 

So many thoughtful proverbs contained in the book, followed by stories to illustrate each principle.  One thing I took away was the idea of involving the children in the work of the family and teaching responsibility at a young age.  Amish children are involved in milking cows, picking fruit, planting, hammering nails, etc. 

My children are taking dishes out of the dishwasher.  What else could they be doing?  Finding more tasks for them to do around the house will not only make my life simpler in the long run, it will teach them to work as a team. 

If you want a fresh dose of homespun stories to get you thinking about a different way and pace of life, you will enjoy Suzanne Woods Fisher’s, Amish Values for Your Family. 

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Thank you Revell for a copy of Amish Values for Your Family to review.

Arlene Pellicane

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