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My kids attend a dual immersion school in Chula Vista which means the majority of their instruction is in Spanish.  Here’s my daughter Noelle and I in her kindergarten classroom.  I am so happy to see her thrive in her new environment. 

She has an oral presentation tomorrow and I have been practicing with her for 2 weeks.  But it just wasn’t clicking!  She could answer the questions in English without a problem, but in Spanish?  She kept asking me, “What does that mean mom?”

Enter the secret weapon.  My 2nd grader Ethan who speaks Spanish very well.  We hired him as Noelle’s tutor.  Amazing what a dollar will do to motivate a brother to serve his sister!

Ethan and Noelle made flashcards of the oral presentation.  They got to work and within 2 days, she had it!

When you’re learning a new language (or any new skill), get the help of someone who knows more than you do.  Following that tutor, mentor, leader, friend will make all the difference in the world!

Arlene Pellicane

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