Looking for a beautiful Bible for yourself or to give as a special Christmas gift?  I recommend The Names of God Bible (Ann Spangler, General Editor).  This Bible inlcudes more than 10,000 names and titles of God restored to their Hebrew equivalent.  Have no fear.  It’s easy to understand.  The names of God are highlighted in brown.  For instance, if you read Psalm 18:30, it would say,

He is a Magen to all those who take refuge in him. 

What does Magen mean?

You turn to the front of the Bible and see it means “shield.”  Then you can read more about this name for greater understanding and you have prayer prompts to help you pray to the Lord your shield. 

The Bible gives a fresh perspective to your reading as you learn along the way about the names of God.  Your respect for God’s name deepens as you discover the many meanings of God’s name found in the Scriptures.

The Bible is beautifully laid out.  I’ve never read the God’s Word translation before and I like it.  The general editor Ann Spangler is a scholar who knows how to communicate.  I read one of her works years ago, Women of the Bible, which is excellent. 

You know how you have nicknames for members of your family?  Special names that only you use?  Well, it’s interesting to see what names different people in the Bible used for God.  For instance, Joshua referred to God as El Chay (the Living God) and El Kanna (the Jealous God). 

This is a wonderful resource to add a new dimension to your Bible reading, both now and in the New Year!

This Bible was provided for review by Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group. 


Arlene Pellicane

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