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I must admit.  Dressing up and getting candy is a pretty cool combination for a kid (and us as parents!).  We’ve had a lot of fun this weekend. 

Friday morning:  Kindergarten costume parade at school.

Friday night:  Husky Howl – fall festival at school.

Monday morning:  Free train ride at the pumpkin station.

Monday afternoon:  Trick or treating at the local shopping center.

Monday early evening:  An amazing show with Jesse the Juggler at Bonita Valley Community Church, the kids LOVED it and so did we!  I laughed so hard at my kids laughing at Jesse!    

Then we went trick or treating down our street until about 8:00 pm.  Phew…here are Noelle’s spoils!!! 

I’m really proud of the kids who actually ask before they eat the candy!  They don’t plow into it.  They savor each bite.  Ethan’s favorite is Twix so during his bedtime prayer, he thanked Jesus for blessing his efforts with a FULL SIZE Twix and 7 little baby Twix’s to go along! 

Needless to say, we’ll be enjoying a few pieces of candy and then putting it away before MAMA wants to eat all the chocolate!

Arlene Pellicane

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