No, Ethan is not the turkey.  But he is holding my favorite craft from his elementary school career thus far.

Ethan is a 2nd grader in public school.  His assignment was to write the things he is grateful for.  They’re in Spanish because he’s in a Spanish immersion classroom.  Here’s what he wrote:

Jesus porque murio en la cruz.  Jesus because He died on the cross.

La Biblia porque adentro hay direcciones para tu vida.  The Bible because it has the directions for your life.

Mi iglesia porque puedes aprender mucha.  My church because you learn a lot.

Doctores porque me ayudan cuando estoy enfermo.  Doctors because they help me when I’m sick.

Dios porque el hizo el mundo.  God because He created the world.

Mi familia porque me cuida.  My family because they care for me. 

Can you believe it?  I can’t tell you how happy I was to see Ethan being so expressive about his faith in a public school where no one is instructing him about God or the Bible.  This is the only craft that has brought tears to my eyes!

I figure if he lives according to what he wrote on his turkey, he’ll be set for life!  And that’s something I’m extremely thankful for. 

Arlene Pellicane

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