Part of staying young is having an “I can hardly wait…” to look forward to.

Well, for the past year, my husband has been working to have an afterschool Bible club at our kids public school.  Thankfully the district approved the request and last month, we began our school’s first ever Bible club on Friday afternoons for one hour!  The club is called Sonshine Haven.  We are their 41st school in San Diego! 

We weren’t sure what to expect at the first meeting.  We knew our kids would be there, plus our team of five adult volunteers, so that makes 7.  Imagine our delight when kid after kid streamed in to be a part of the Sonshine Haven Club!  24 kids! 

Here they are putting together the memory verse from John 3:16.  More than half of the kids don’t go to church or own Bibles, so it’s particularly a joy to share the good news that God loves them.  We use songs, games, memory verses, and interactive, funny Bible lessons. 

Being part of the club has revived me personally.  When I hear that a child is interested in getting a Bible or knowing more about God, I am so honored to be part of this work of God on our campus. 

If you live in San Diego and are interested in starting a Bible club at your public elementary school or junior high, check out the Sonshine Haven website.  Twenty years ago, Mari Rothman was confronted with the spiritual needs of children in public schools.  Sonshine Haven was born.  Now the clubs meet in nine districts with 41 clubs and growing! 

Arlene Pellicane

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