What is something you can learn to do this spring?

Ice skating may not instantly come to mind, but that’s something our kids tried for the first time.  They were invited to a birthday party at the ice rink.  They were a little bit reluctant but mostly excited to give it a try.

We watched “how to ice skate” videos online.

We packed warm coats and even remembered the bicycle helmets.

We strapped on the boots.

And the kids…well, at first they hung on to the sides of the rink for dear life, inching forward slowly but surely.

Learning a new skill isn’t automatic.

My husband James took them to the center of the rink one at a time and taught them how to take those first few steps.  As for me, I was stuck on the sidelines with Lucy but to be honest, I would have been hanging on the sides with my kids for a while.

You know what amazed me?  Within about an hour, my kids were no longer on the sidelines.  They were holding James’ hands, skating around the rink.  A little later, they were going solo around the rink!

Children are such great learners.  They adapt easily and aren’t as afraid to fall (which they did).

So what’s a new skill you want to learn this spring?  It doesn’t have to be anything close to ice skating.  Maybe it’s gardening, learning a language or playing the piano.

What’s something you’ve always wanted to learn?

Arlene Pellicane

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