Here’s Noelle on her first day of school in kindergarten.  So much to learn.  New kids to meet.  A teacher to get to know.

It honestly feels like yesterday that I dropped her off in that kinder classroom.

And today, it’s already her last day of kindergarten.

Cue sappy music that makes mothers cry.

Thank God I still have Lucy.  I have more kinder days coming in the future.

So here’s Noelle on her last day of kinder with her little sister Lucy afterschool.

Boy, that went quick.  No wonder the Bible tells us to number our days that we might gain a heart of wisdom.  The days go fast – make sure you are enjoying and appreciating each one!

And for my other Spaniard (both my kids are learning Spanish in school), he had an amazing year as a 2nd grader.  He loved his teacher and had a very good class.  He made this beautiful picture in class and gave it to his sister Noelle.  A moment of sibling bliss and kindness!!!

Now it’s time for our annual ice cream party at our house for both kids’ classes.  Let the summer fun begin!

Arlene Pellicane

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