I was speaking at a church earlier this year where I met the most remarkable woman, Nita Draut.  Nita is a beautiful, vibrant 86-year-old who walks 3 miles a day and draws like you can’t believe.

She showed me photos of her amazing art – I couldn’t believe her talent!  And to make it even more remarkable, she didn’t drawing until she was 70 years old!  (See it’s never too late to learn!)

She took a course with art instructor Sandra Angelo and discovered a true talent and passion for drawing.  Now she draws several hours everyday and has made hundreds of drawings!

Imagine my delight when she said she wanted to draw this picture of Lucy!  She said, “When I see that picture of your daughter, it makes my fingers itch!”

She called me to tell me, “Your drawing is ready!”

Yesterday, I visited her amazing home with my family.  It was covered, wall to wall, with her drawings, paintings, collectibles, and Snoopy!  It was like entering the most charming museum of knick knacks, fine art, collections of old telephones, elephants, Snoopy, political figurines, and more.

Here is Nita’s drawing of Lucy:




Isn’t it amazing?

Look at those cheeks, her perfectly replicated hair, and even her eyebrows are exact!








It was such a highlight to visit Nita and to have this special drawing of our Lucy.  Thank you dear Nita.  Lucy is still talking about going to Nita’s house!

Arlene Pellicane

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