What a great party at Cityview Church last night to celebrate the launch of 31 Days to a Happy Husband!  Here I am with the happy husband himself!

Thanks to the women of the church, MOPS moms, and friends – old and new – for coming.  It’s very exciting to hold the finished project of a book in your hands.  And even more exciting and rewarding to see it in the hands of others.

My prayer is that the book will help many wives remember that their job of wife is important.  We are not just career women.  We are not just moms.  We are WIVES!

I gave the women at the party two action steps.  Let me share them with you.  They both have to do with your mouth because that’s what tends to get us into trouble (and what can get us out of trouble too!).

Kiss more often.

Keep your comments positive.

If you kiss your husband and pepper him daily with sincere praise, he will be a happier man.  If he can’t count on kisses and praise from you, where is he going to get that?

Hopefully, he won’t be kissed by anyone but you (and maybe the kiddos).  And at work, he may not get any kind of praise or positive recognition.  So…make this your action step today.

Pucker up and praise your husband for something you appreciate about him!

August 1st is coming…so if you’ve pre-ordered my book in print or Kindle, you’ll be getting it soon.  And don’t forget, you can still pre-order it now and receive five audio bonus sessions from me about 31 Days to a Happy Husband!

Here are some pictures from the party – the BOOKS, yummy apple tart from my mom and my fellow author friend Renee Johnson Fisher!


Arlene Pellicane