My friends did something creative to illustrate the difference between the sex drive of a husband and a wife.  Right before lunch, the husband said, “Remember this moment.”

A few hours later, he said to his wife, “Remember when I told you to remember that moment?  Well, this is how many times I have thought about having sex with you since that time.”

He handed his wife a post-it note with several tick marks on it.  Too many to mention and not embarrass them.

My friend was amazed that her husband had thought about sex that many times in just a few hours!  Most men think about sex a whole lot more than we women do.  If we can understand that a little bit better, our marriages will be a lot happier.

Author and counselor Dr. David Clarke says it this way in my book 31 Days to a Happy Husband:

Working as a team, you schedule your sex.  Couples with kids that don’t schedule sex don’t have sex.  Or at least they don’t have it very often.  Here’s how it works.  If we schedule that we’re going to have sex in one or two days, we can both start getting prepared.  The man doesn’t need much time but the woman does.  Now she can start looking forward to it and marshalling her resources so she’s not spent that day.  That’s a day that you want to save your energy and start thinking about it.  Women have to work on this more than men.  We think about sex all the time.  Now we think about it with our wives, that’s the good news.

Why don’t you try this experiment at home with your husband…set a start and ending time and ask your husband to jot down how many times he thinks about having sex with you in that time period.

I’d love to hear your results – although I can certainly respect your privacy to keep it to yourself!  Maybe you can just come back and leave a comment about how surprised (or not surprised) you were by your husband’s answer.

For more wisdom from Dr. David Clarke and many others, read my book 31 Days to a Happy Husband.  Remember you can pre-order it before the release date of August 1 and receive five bonus audio sessions from me!


Arlene Pellicane

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