I got a funny phone call the other day.

An old woman with a feeble voice said, “Do you have any availability tonight?”

I replied, “I think you have the wrong number maam.”  And the call was over.

After I hung up, I thought about that call.  She was obviously looking for a hotel of some sort and had dialed the wrong number.  But the question lingered in my mind.

“Do you have any availability tonight?”

Can you see where I’m heading with this?  I wonder how often our husbands ask this question of us.  “Do you have any availability tonight?”

Sometimes we may have a headache.  Other times, we seem so stressed that our husbands don’t bother to ask.  But once in a while when all is perfect in the world, perhaps we are available – but just for a few moments!

What can we do to have a better “vacancy” rate so that when our husbands do want attention or affection from us, we are available?

I write about it in a chapter titled Take a Number in my book 31 Days to a Happy Husband: 

There’s a giant person living in your house who needs your attention:  your husband.  He’s the one who can blend in with the furniture if you’re not careful.  You’re used to him being around.  You figure he’s a capable human being who can meet his own needs.  Think again.

One night James asked if I could get the kids to bed quickly because he wanted to give me a massage.  You would think I would jump at the chance, but after kissing the kids goodnight, I went to the kitchen.  I washed baby bottles, put dishes in the dishwasher, and packed up the diaper bag with what I needed for church the next day.

All this clanging around in the kitchen was ticking James off – and rightfully so.  Hadn’t he communicated he wanted me to bed early for my massage?  When I walked in the room, he looked tired.  “If you don’t want to give me a massage, that’s fine.  I took a long time in the kitchen,” I mumbled lamely.  He asked why I couldn’t just leave the dishes in the sink.  In the morning, he would have done them happily.  I had made the wrong choice.

Many times we wives run around doing all these things we think are urgent but we leave the important things undone.  Things like respecting our spouse’s requests.  Good grief, I didn’t respond to a request to give me a massage!

Let this be a reminder to you…make a point of being available to your husband.  After all, if he can’t get access to you, who can?  Who knows, maybe you’ll be surprised by a massage!

What mostly stands in the way of you being available to your hubby?

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Arlene Pellicane

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