Every parent needs a good dose of Dr. Kevin Leman!

In his latest book What a Difference a Mom Makes, Dr. Leman talks about the indeliable imprint a mom leaves on her son’s life.  Of course, I was thinking of my own son Ethan as I read it.  I must admit I got a bit teary eyed thinking about how my actions will affect my son for life.

I was surprised to read on page 28 when Dr. Leman said,

In all my years of counseling families and speaking to literally millions of people through radio, television, and seminars, one fact has impressed me as much as anything else: it’s the child’s relationship with the parent of the opposite sex that is most important in families.  That means the mother-to-son relationship and the father-to-daughter relationship…

Although it might be natural to think that the man in your son’s life…would have the most influence on him since they’re both males, the opposite is true.  You influence your son directly and have a much greater impact on the man he will become.

I thought it was my husband who was the central figure in my son’s development!

Ladies, we’re the ones who will teach our sons how to treat women and how to treat his wife someday.  We will shape our sons expectations and preferences regarding the opposite sex.  We’re the ones who will nurture and care for our sons, teaching them about tenderness along the way.

As I read the book, I realized that I have a lot of power in my son’s life.  I certainly want to use my power for good (and I know you do too!).

If you have a son, whether he’s a toddler or teen, Dr. Leman’s What a Difference a Mom Makes will be a terrific guide to help you make the most of your mothering.  You can literally change your boy’s life by championing him, understanding him, and believing in him when no one else does.   The price of the book is worth it just to read Kevin Leman’s sweet story of how his mom loved him even when everyone else wrote him off (the story includes getting kicked out of school and working as a janitor among other things).

Thank you Revell for a review copy of What a Difference a Mom Makes by Dr. Kevin Leman.

Arlene Pellicane

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