My family is back home after a wonderful road trip up the California coast.  My husband’s daring parents joined us.  We started in San Diego and drove to a wonderful little vacation rental in the mountains in Big Sur.  From the main road, we had to drive about 30 minutes on a one lane road surrounded by trees to get to the house.  If I thought Pam Farrel’s driveway of death was bad, this was much worse!

One narrow lane up a steep mountain – looking out the window gave me the creeps.

But once in the house, it was cozy and peaceful.

(Sounds like marriage a little bit doesn’t it?  Some parts require much work, followed by periods of cozy and peaceful!)

We enjoyed hiking among the redwoods (if you look carefully, you’ll see James at the bottom of the picture), walking along the coast, eating out, and reading books.

Stops included Carmel, Hearst Castle, Cambria, Solvang and the Getty Musuem in LA.  The only thing we regretted was the tourist trap of the 17 mile drive which goes through the Pebble Beach Golf Course and costs $10 to drive through.  Oh well.

Here are some photos from the family album:


Arlene Pellicane

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