This month, my youngest daughter turns three.  Ah sweet Lucy!

I am truly treasuring having a toddler in the house (even if my giant Lucy does look like a 4-year-old sometimes).  When else will someone say, “Pwe-senting Noelle Pellicane!” as she throws her arms up in the air, introducing her big sister.

“Mommy, wipe my bottom!” even has a nice ring to it when you’re in a nostalgic mommy mood.

Lucy had her trademark porcupine hair look as a baby.  Here is a never-before-published photo of her super doo when she was 5 months old.










Whoa, is that crazy or WHAT???  You could turn her upside down and dust your whole house with the top of her head!

When her hair finally laid down (it was a sad day), I had to prop it up myself.










Lucy just asked about these pictures.  “What is that?  Oh, I am a baby!  My mouth is like that!” (as she opens her mouth wide)

Sure there are moments when I am exasperated as a mom.  How long does it take a toddler like Lucy to use a public restroom?  To wash her hands?  To dry her hands?  Everything with a toddler is s-l-o-w-e-r.

But isn’t it true that it’s also sweeter?

So as I think about my baby turning the big 3, I thank God for these three sweet years with her.

She used to say, “My name is Cece” since she couldn’t pronouce Lucy.

She just asked me, “Mom, what time is it?  4:30 right now?  Is this 4:30?” (pointing to the hands on my watch)

My how they grow!

Thank you God for my fuzzy Lucy and for giving us such a gem of a little princess!


Arlene Pellicane

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