I love this photo taken of my Lucy at Sonshine Club.  Her shirt says “Superstar” and she truly is that to us!

Sonshine Club is our afterschool Bible club at our kids’ public school on Fridays.  We have about 65 kinder through 6th graders who come to sing, play, laugh and pray.  It’s awesome!

Even though Lucy is only 3, this toddler can sit through a 20-minute lesson better than some 1st graders!  I saw her tell a 1st grader, “Shhh…be quiet!” which totally cracked me up.  When I asked her about it after club she said, “They were trying to talk to me and I was telling them to be quiet!”

But I must be fair and also include that about five minutes after this, I saw Lucy with her legs flipped over her head as she was lying on her back.  Then POP!  She was back in the listening position.

I am keenly aware that Lucy is our last child and that I should be savoring all this cuteness along the way.

She loves to play dress up and can spend an hour putting on her big sister’s old princess dresses.

She uses Noelle’s things when Noelle is at school.  She puts on her purse, uses her play phone, reads her books.  It’s quite hilarious.

One of her favorite errands is Trader Joe’s because she gets to find the stuffed animal named Koba which yields a treat at the cash register.  (Next favorite is Ralph’s because she likes to say hi to the Elmo and Zoe on the play vehicle).

She loves to scribble on paper, saying the words she wants to write while making all of her markings.

When I unload the groceries, this is fun time for Lucy.  She sits in the different seats and buckles the seat belts.  This. is. big.

Many times before nap, she’ll say, “Can you rub my back for five minutes?”

I have to admit, I didn’t rub the backs of my other kids.  Too time consuming of a habit.  But for Lucy.  Well, she’s the last.  So although the five minutes is usually more like three minutes, I love rubbing Lucy’s back and thanking God for her.  Big time!

Arlene Pellicane

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