Yesterday, I brought Lucy to visit my grandmother who is in her 90s, living in an assisted care home.  First Lucy dressed up like a princess to see her great-grandmother.  Then she decided that costume was too itchy so she changed into her pink ballerina outfit.  Actually it was her big sister Noelle’s outfit that she wore since Noelle was in school.  Noelle was NOT happy when she saw this picture of Lucy wearing her costume.  Can you older sisters relate?

I love how my grandma’s eyes always light up when she sees Lucy.  We brought in ham sandwiches and had our indoor picnic lunch together.  The costume made everything festive.  My grandma kept commenting on how shiny it was.

If you have an older person in your life, a grandparent or friend, let them see your kids in costumes (as long as they’re not too ghoulish!).  When an old person sees a young person, it brightens up their day – no matter if it’s a holiday or not.  But the costume sure does help the visit become more memorable.

I might let Lucy keep dressing up for visits through Christmastime!  🙂

Arlene Pellicane

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