Listening to FamilyLife Today on the radio a few weeks back, I was instantly drawn to one of their Christmas resources for kids:  What God Wants for Christmas.  I ordered it the same day!

What God Wants for Christmas is an interactive nativity for kids.  There are 7 boxes to open, so you can open one box a day in the week leading up to Christmas, or you can spread it out in whatever time frame you’d like.

My kids have been taking turns opening the gift boxes.  We started a little early this year because I wanted the kids to open them first and then I will share this resource with more kids at a Christmas party this weekend.  We’re currently on box #5.  As you open the box, you can listen to an audio CD that is a Christmas poem about the character in the box (for example, Mary or Joseph).

My kids are 3, 6 and 8 and they enjoy opening the gifts, sitting under the tree, listening to the CD, and also following along in the storybook.  It’s great for auditory learners, those who like to read, and tactile learners too!

It’s a tradition I’m glad we started and we will continue it in the years ahead!  I highly recommend it as a way to keep the real meaning of Christmas alive and well.  Anticipation isn’t only for the gifts under the tree (as in TOYS!), but it’s also wonderful to anticipate what will be the next part of the Christmas story.

What are your favorite Christmas resources that you use with your kids?


Arlene Pellicane

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