You want to have meaningful conversations with your family.  But sometimes you just don’t know how to get the ball rolling.  When you’re sitting at your next meal, try asking a few intentional questions.  You don’t want to “over-program” your meal times.  You need space to have silly and natural talk times.  But a few minutes of planned talk time can greatly assist you in connecting with your loved ones.

Here are 10 conversation starters to use as a resource at your next meal.  Maybe print them out and cut them in strips.  Have one member of the family pick out a question from a hat at each meal.

1.  What was one of your favorite vacations?

2.  What’s one of your favorite movies?

3.  When was the last time you felt scared?

4.  Who is one of the funniest people you know?

5.  Who are you having a hard time getting along with?

6.  If you could travel anywhere in the United States for one week, where would you go?

7.  Would you rather go into space or under the sea?

8.  How do you know God loves you?

9.  If you had $100 that you had to spend immediately, what would you buy?

10.  Describe what you would want in order to have a perfect birthday.



Arlene Pellicane

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