Each year my kids grow older (3, 6 and 8), the Mother’s Day celebrations keep getting better and better it seems.  I can’t think of anything to top the essay my oldest Ethan wrote about “Why My Mother Deserves the Prize for Mother of the Year.”

First of all, his writing was interesting and clever.  I didn’t even know he could write like that – probably because he is in a dual immersion program and most of his creative writing is in Spanish which I can’t read!  Second, I didn’t realize the different things about my ministry life Ethan was picking up.  For instance he wrote this about me being a speaker:

My mom has a real talent for speaking and she puts stories about her family in her speeches.  That definitely gives her a sense of humor.  My mom is the best mom because she is a hard-working mom.  Those two things just fit together, like cheese and pasta.

I love that.  Cheese and pasta.  Hard working and mom.  Yes, those two things do go together, don’t they moms?

My primary love language is words of affirmation, so his essay went right to my heart.  I will treasure his words for years to come.  Be sure to save those notes from your children that are special to you.  They may carry you through a time when you need to read those positive words of affirmation again and again.

We had a wonderful service at church where I had the opportunity to pray with two moms who were re-dedicating their lives to Christ.  There is no greater decision a mom can make than to choose to serve the Lord and train her children to do the same.

We enjoyed lunch at my parents’ house.  Grilled teriyaki chicken, fried rice and bok choy.  Root beer floats for dessert.  Delicious!

Then the kids newest favorite game…stacking up paper cups and shooting them with rubber bands.  We keep score of the points and it gets pretty competitive!  Ethan won but I came in second, and THAT has never happened before!

I’m in the thick of things as a mom right now and I am savoring each year.  I know the time will pass quickly and I’ll have teens and then young adults and then quiet.  Each season has a beauty all its own.

And if your mom is still living, we can appreciate our mothers any day of the year.  We don’t have to wait until next Mother’s Day to say I appreciate you.  Even if we’re not on good terms with our moms, we can still pray for them.  I love my mom dearly and couldn’t write books and speak without her love and support with the kids.

Being a mom = hard work but that’s okay.  Those two things go together.  Like cheese and pasta!

Arlene Pellicane

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