It doesn’t have to be a bad day…even if it starts out on the wrong foot.

Mornings can be rough when you have young kids to get to school.  Although, I have a feeling that teens may be even harder to wake.

It was one such morning.  I was helping my kids with breakfast and needed to leave the house to get to my weekly spin class.  Lucy, three, rides her little green bike to my instructor’s house around the corner (yes, it was originally  her big brother’s bike).  We were running late.  Lucy didn’t finish her breakfast or brush her teeth.  Oh well.

On our way out, we forgot the little chair that she sits on while I’m biking.  I run back to get it.

We’re on our way, Lucy pedaling down the sidewalk at the kind-of-slow-pace of a preschooler on training wheels.

Then, BOOM!  The bike falls down hard as the sidewalk dipped and Lucy fell over.

It was her first spill on the bike ever.

To her credit, she didn’t cry.  I held her then she got back on that bike.

A minute later, BOOM!

It happened…again.

She almost cried this time, but I assured her we now knew the problem.  Whenever we get to a driveway that created a really big dip in the sidewalk, I would steady her bike.

We were late to spin class, but I joined the other moms who are trying to keep up with their kids by exercising.

Then, I felt something strange.  My sports bra had come undone.


I went to the bathroom to fix it and had this thought:  Even though this has been a rough morning of wake up calls, tumbles, and undone bra straps, this really could be a good day in spite of it all. 

As Lucy biked and I walked home, we carefully navigated the places she had fallen before.  We made it home just fine.  And actually, I realized how great it was that she fell twice and didn’t freak out crying.  She even got right back on her bike without hesitation.

Sometimes the speed bumps in our day can be to our benefit.

So, if you have a day that starts out rough, remember Lucy and her little bike.  Get right back on your day and know…it doesn’t have to be a bad day. 




Arlene Pellicane

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