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The Pellicane Christmas Tree

IMG_8336Every year, we put up our Christmas tree over Thanksgiving break.  We love the way it lights up the house!

We used to have a $2 beautiful artificial Christmas tree that we bought in Dallas, one hot summer day at a garage sale.

That tree served us well for many years…but then it crumbled.

So, last year, we found an even more beautiful Costco tree at a garage sale (retail $300) for a measly $15 at another summer garage sale!

(I write about how frugal we are in 31 Days to a Happy Husband, page 37)

IMG_8337It was really sweet…the couple was selling the tree because they were going to move to real trees.  But the wife wanted to make sure the tree went to a good home.  When she saw us and the three kids, she deemed us worthy and the tree went home with us.

We don’t have a special themed tree.  We have a “put on all the ornaments we have” tree.

Which is quite lovely, because it chronicles our years together.

Ornaments that James and I had when we were single.  Childhood ornaments that James made (yes, we still have them).  Ornaments that our kids have made.

Every branch precious and full of memories.IMG_8339

The kids have taken over the decorating and I really like that.  They group all the bears together, all the birdhouses together, etc.  I would have tried to space them all out evenly throughout…but I like their way better.

Christmas is such a sweet time.  Thank you Jesus for coming – Your love for us is evergreen.  The tree reminds us of your constant love and sacrifice for us.  The ornaments speak of your faithfulness.

O Christmas Tree! 






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