IMG_8803I love this picture of my son taken at the Scripps Aquarium in San Diego.

It’s a picture that reminds me of childlike wonder.

To be drawn to a magical underwater world.

To see a (really) big fish.

To capture the moment with your camera because you want to remember it. 

To other fish, this may seem a humdrum aquatic scene.  But to the visitors of the aquarium, it’s special and extraordinary.  It stops you in your tracks and that big fish makes you turn your head in wonder.

Much of life is like that, isn’t it?  It seems boring, predictable and mundane.  Yet if someone else would wander into your world – into your home – she may be filled with wonder.

The simple stuff of life such as running water, comfortable housing, stocked up grocery stores, and freedom of speech may leave many people who are less fortunate speechless.

Such bounty.  Such wonder.

So this week, take a moment to wonder.  Ponder the blessings in your life that you may take for granted in the busy blur of daily to-dos.

Your daily habitat may be a whole lot more interesting and awe inspiring than you think!


Arlene Pellicane

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