photo 1This year, I came up with a brilliant plan to put a twist on the traditional Easter Egg Hunt.

Actually, the idea came from my second grade daughter which made it all the better.

So, you know there’s got to be candy involved because it’s Easter.  But maybe you already have candy lying around your house.  The last thing you need to do health-wise is buy MORE candy.

We still have candy leftover from Valentine’s Day.  Believe me, the kids view it as sacred.  They have bags with their names on them in Sharpee.  They know who has the Twix and who has the M&Ms.

Here’s how we did our first Recycled Easter Egg Hunt. 

Step One:  I had my 4 year old write numbers on a piece of paper: 5, 10, and 25.  This would represent paper money that the kids could use to buy candy.  Lucy learned to write her numbers while doing this (bonus!).  She then stuffed each plastic egg with her paper money.photo 2

Step Two:  We announced with great fanfare when the Easter egg hunt would be and that there would be a store to buy candy afterwards.  Build excitement!

Step Three:  James hid the eggs in the backyard.

Step Four:  On your mark, get set, GO!  We gave our youngest a head start of 30 seconds, but she needed a lot more.  Her siblings smoked her.

Step Five:  Count up your play money (another great math exercise) and then come in the store to redeem your cash for candy.photo 3

We used recycled plastic eggs from last year, recycled candy from Valentine’s Day, recycled paper for the paper money, and recycled plastic bags to collect the Easter eggs.

It was so fun to use what we had and make a special event out of it!ethan

You see, Easter doesn’t have to be expensive.  Simple things can be meaningful.  You can make the ordinary extraordinary with just a little bit of recycling!

By the way, the other eggs that will come out this season are the Resurrection Eggs…a great way to celebrate the real meaning of Easter.  The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ!

Happy Easter!  Christ is risen indeed.





Arlene Pellicane

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