Growing Up Social


I’m so happy to have you consider being on the book launch team for Growing Up Social.  It just takes five easy steps to make a difference:

Step One:  Email me at [email protected] and say “I’m in!” or leave a comment below.

Step Two:  Sign up with Net Galley to read the book electronically.  It can be delivered to your computer, tablet, Kindle, smart phone and more.  Pretty cool and convenient!  You’ll be asked your role which is REVIEWER.

Step Three:  Watch for a weekly email from me in August with easy things to do like “Text one friend about Growing Up Social” or share a picture on social media.

Step Four:  Post a review on Amazon when the book releases in September.  Other places to review include Barnes & Noble, Christian Book Distributor, and Family Christian.

Step Five:  Thank you for participating!  You’ll receive a free copy of Growing Up Social sent to your address.

Let’s start a movement of parents and grandparents who aren’t anti-screen, but who realize screens should have a small place in a child’s life, instead of the main place.  

As adults, we can’t allow screens to train our children about life, love and the measure of success.  That’s our job…and we want it back!

Please invite your passionate friends to the Growing Up Social book launch team.  Let’s launch this book with a bang!

The book launch team for Growing Up Social will be capped at 200, please respond now to be involved. 

Arlene Pellicane

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