Have You Watched the “Growing Up Social” Video?Today, I have a guest devotional over at Girlfriends in God, with my wonderful friends Gwen Smith, Sharon Jaynes, and Mary Southerland!

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Parents often ask the question, “How do I know if my child has too much time with screens?”

There are obvious signs like these when you turn off the screens:

Yelling & screaming

The full-blown, on the floor tantrum

Whining, whining and more whining

Sullen, icy silence

My co-author of Growing Up Social, Dr. Gary Chapman and I have developed a simple 10 question quiz you can take to assess if your child is becoming too dependent on screens.  Simply click on the link to take the quiz.

PDF Quiz Does Your Child Have Too Much Screen Time

Many times, it’s not our kids who have the major problem with controlling screen time.  It’s us.

It’s me. 

I know I can become engrossed in my work – responding to emails, writing guest blog posts, scheduling radio interviews.  All these things are good.  But when the line blurs and it’s time for me to shift to family time instead of work time, I need to be able to turn. it. off.

This video reminds all of us (me included) that we need to be disciplined in our tech use, so we can thrive in our personal life.

Arlene Pellicane

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