determined womanFeeling stressed?

Are you running around, getting one child to soccer, another to piano, and the last one to gymnastics? Having a full schedule seems like a badge of honor for parents. And although activities can certainly be wonderful for a family, too many of them can be draining and counter-productive.

So think before you sign the dotted line.

Before you sign your child up for a new sport or enriching class, ask yourself what that new commitment will cost the family.

How are you going to handle transportation?

Is there enough time to get homework done without a lot of stress?

Will your family be able to eat meals together?

Can your child get to bed at a decent hour?  

Sometimes saying no to an activity means you are saying yes to greater things like peace, sanity, a good night’s sleep, and dare I say it, free time.

It’s okay to ignore the Joneses who take baseball, tennis, football, martial arts, swimming and orchestra. You don’t have to do everything just because some other family does.

Ask what’s truly more beneficial to your kids – spending family time together or running around town?

Research shows having a family meal four times a week or more results in higher grades and decreased risk of depression or drug use. So think before you sign the dotted line for another activity. And make sure you’re not sacrificing family time for activities that are just not that important in the long run. Sometimes it’s best to just ignore the Joneses.

What’s an activity that you have said no to?

Arlene Pellicane

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