Julie_BannerAs I heard Tim Hawkins say in his comedy act last week, when you’re newlyweds, you whisper to your beloved, “Please don’t go.” 

You hang on to his sleeve and kiss passionately before you must part ways.

Twenty years later, it turns into:

“Please don’t.  Go!”

Too funny!  We all understand that the heat of passion that exists so easily during the first months of falling in love can dwindle into little tiny embers after years of marriage.

What’s a couple to do?

Fan the flames, of course!

And with my friends Joel and Julie Landi, fanning the flames has gotten easier and more accessible than ever!

Bestselling author Joel Landi and his wife Julie have put together a FREE online marriage summit called Adventure, Mission & Romance: How to Fall in Love and Stay in Love. 

Perhaps in the past you have wanted to attend a marriage event but it was too far, too expensive, or too inconvenient with your schedule.

Now here’s a marriage conference, absolutely free, that you can enjoy whenever it fits in your busy life.  And believe me, your investment of time will be worth it.  You will have AHA moments.  Simply by investing effort into your marriage and discovering one or two keystone habits to change, you can go into the holidays with a much happier relationship and wouldn’t that be awesome?

I am joining a team of 20 speakers from all walks of life, all ages, and all across the globe to present you with rich content to help your marriage go from good to great, struggling to stable.

The relationship of your dreams is possible.  In this free online marriage event, you’ll learn to:

  • Strengthen your relationship, even after multiple failures 
  • Get the skills you need to resolve conflict 
  • Keep your relationship alive so you can’t wait til your spouse gets home 
  • Have a more enjoyable sex life 

Click here to access your seat at the table, absolutely free for Adventure, Mission and Romance.  I’m so grateful for the opportunity to participate in this online marriage event and I know you will get something out of this.  Don’t wait, sign up now!  All you have to do is submit your email address and name.  The conference will come to your inbox beginning on November 21.  

Each day, you’ll receive a new video interview to enjoy.  See you soon for this free interview series to get you on the road to adventure, mission and romance!




Arlene Pellicane