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Can you relate to any of these statements:

Finances are flat and tempers are rising. 

My home feels chaotic, rarely peaceful. 

A haven of peace?  How is that possible with all this NOISE! 

Author of Creating a Haven of Peace Joanne Miller joins me on this month’s Happy Home podcast to show us that peace is possible – even in the busiest, noisest household!

Joanne (center) with her husband Dan (left) and three children

Joanne (center) with her husband Dan (left) and three children

Joanne and her husband Dan Miller (from 48 Days) have been married 48 years.  They know what it’s like to have plenty, to have little, to have kids in diapers, and to have grown children with children of their own.

You’ll learn how to:

– Create a strong marriage even with the busyness of being parents

– How to use the five senses to make your home special

-Start a new branch of your family tree, even if you were raised in a less-than-peaceful home

-Benefit from the power of mentoring

– Put more fun and less business in your family life

– Practice family traditions that your kids will always remember

Visit Joanne’s website for more about her book Creating a Haven of Peace and to receive 5 easy tips to create a sense of peace (absolutely free).

And come back to my website next week for a chance to win Joanne’s book, Creating a Haven of Peace!

Arlene Pellicane

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