I know you’ve had a bad morning like this.

The makings of our hectic morning were sown the night before.  I had to wake Noelle up early to finish a big homework project about the Revolutionary War.  She didn’t have time to do it the night before because we made her go to martial arts practice.

Last night was hard for Lucy too.  She couldn’t find her homework, the first time in her entire illustrious academic career from kindergarten to 2nd grade.

In the morning, we wanted to go to school 40 minutes early for the special Read Across America donut and reading time.

I had to remind Lucy three times to pick up her pajamas.  Noelle finished her assignment just in time.  The puppy needed attention.  The first pair of jeans I tried on were too loose.  The second pair was too tight.  The third pair was just right.

“Hurry up, let’s go!” (the battlecry of the mother right?)

I decided to bring a devotional for tweens, For Girls Like You by my friend Wynter Pitts to read to the girls.  As we walked from our parking spot, I decided to start reading out loud.

As the Lord would have it, the devotional we were on was titled: “Every Days Is a Good Day.”  Some days just start off wrong.  You know the mornings where you can’t find your favorite jeans?  Or the day all your socks are dirty?  Or when…

I finished reading the devotional, smiling inside because I know the Lord was comforting Noelle and Lucy about their homework, and my anxious thoughts about caring for a puppy.

The puppy!

Just a few minutes after I finished the devotional, James called me.  “How am I supposed to take the dog to the vet when you have the van?”

I had taken the wrong car to school.

Driving home, I had to smile.  Yes I was missing the Read Across America time because I goofed about the car.  But God knew I was going to goof and sent that specific devotional to remind me that God can as Wynter writes, “use those days to show what you know about Him and the difference He makes in your life.  It’s pretty easy to be loving, peaceful, joyful, and all smiles when things are going great.  But difficult mornings, hard days, and even hard weeks are the perfect way to practice showing your godly character – Jesus in you.”  

What do you with your bad mornings?  Bad days?  Bad weeks?

Look to Jesus.  Place your focus on Him once again and ask Him to help you remember that even in bad times, you are growing.  In fact, that’s sometimes when we grow the most.  We can’t do it on our own, but with God, all things are possible.

I did race back to school after switching cars, and I got to snap a few quick pictures of Lucy with her teachers.  God redeems our moments…even when our mornings start off rough.

Arlene Pellicane

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