Would a screen-free Easter weekend be a big sacrifice for you and your family?

Recently in my Moms in Prayer group, one of the moms shared that her kids had given up screen time for Lent.

Wow, I was impressed by that!

The kids came up with it themselves; it was not their parents’ idea.  My friend said over spring break, it was very quiet in the house.

Perhaps it’s too late to try this for Lent, but how about a screen-free space between Good Friday and Easter?  You could use your phones to communicate necessary info to your loved ones and friends, and for work.  But suspend social media, video games, movies, TVs, YouTube, etc.

I think your family will find the Easter weekend much more peace-filled this way.  As we quiet our screens, it will make more space in our souls for the transforming message of Easter.

He has risen.

Mary Magdalene wasn’t scrolling through her social media posts on her way to the tomb Easter morning.  She wasn’t distracted by tweets, pins, video games, new episodes or movie trailers.  She was fully present – and about to witness a miracle!

Sometimes we as parents are guiltier than our children of overusing our phones or tablets.  We can set the example this Easter weekend of slowing down.  To be still and know that He is indeed God.

Use your extra time to set your mind on Jesus.  Read your Bible.  Journal about your spiritual life.  Write a thank you letter to Jesus.  Serve in your church.  Close your eyes for a few minutes and imagine the despair you would experience without Christ.

He has risen.

You don’t want to miss this important time of remembrance.  Stilling your screens will help you lift Jesus higher in your family this weekend.


Arlene Pellicane

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