What gift could you give yourself this Mother’s Day?

I’m sure a Nordstrom gift card or endlessly refillable Starbuck’s coffee cup sound pretty nice!

But perhaps even sweeter is the gift of perspective.  My friend Jessie Seneca has raised girls from “diaper to diamond” and she’s written a new book about it.

We have our children from the time they are babies until they become young, independent adults.

Sometimes all we need to relish today is to consider tomorrow.

Tomorrow your child won’t need a diaper anymore (really, this will happen!).  

Tomorrow your child won’t turn around to wave goodbye to you wildly as he or she goes to school. 

Tomorrow your child won’t need you to drive them around because he or she will be driving the car. 

Tomorrow your child will be looking at (gulp) colleges. 

Each year is to be cherished and enjoyed.  The bad years will pass.  The good ones won’t last forever.  Each stage of parenting has a beauty of its own.

My kids are in 2nd, 5th, and 7th grade now.  The school year is almost over.  Look how big they are!

I give myself the gift of sitting at my computer to watch videos of when they were little.  How long ago this seems!  How cute they were!  How funny to see their personalities in full force back then!

Give yourself the gift of perspective by looking at old photos and videos.  Grab a tissue if you’re a cryer.  Get ready to laugh.

Thank God for the pleasure and blessing of having children.  Pray a blessing over their futures.

Smile Mom…you have come a long way and there’s much to rejoice over!

Here’s my remember when video in honor of Mother’s Day coming up.  This is the first time baby Lucy joined us in the high chair at the big table.

Too bad the high chair is so dark or else you would see her wild mane of hair better.

Arlene Pellicane

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